Starting a handyman business: Buying a handyman franchise or starting your own business

Starting a handyman business: Should you buy into an existing franchise or develop your own business? These are questions only you can answer for your self.
Handyman services are in high demand. With 80 percent of the 130 million houses in the US being 30 years or older.  Home improvement is and will continue to be a lucractive market.  Buying a handyman franchise maybe a good option for you. However, any franchise (home improvement or otherwise) has both benefits and costs. You will pay a hefty price as an initial investment and ongoing franchise fees if you sign-up with a large national handyman franchisor. Handyman franchises have established business models and usually offer a turn-key solution for those wanting to start a handyman business on a larger scale. It is not necessary to own a handyman franchise to be successful in the growing home repair industry. Take steps towards owning your own handyman business and purchase the Building Your Successful Handyman Business guide today. For contractor coaching and business consulting services please see There are other alternatives for those that want to own their own home improvement business.  One such alternative is the affiliate business opportunity with