How to start a handyman business?

There are many important steps in starting a successful handyman business or any business for that matter.

These steps may include:
  • Developing a written business plan.
  • Developing a start-up budget.
  • Identifying start-up cash resources.
  • Identifying non-cash start-up resources.
  • Defining the market.
  • Developing a business model.
  • Developing a timeline for implementation.
The steps and order may vary but developing a plan in writing is critical to success. The demand for a handyman business, home repair business, handyman service and similar home improvement service businesses is expanding throughout the United States and Canada.

A few reasons for the need for a handyman business include:
  • Aging US population.
  • Aging housing stock.
  • Busy working professionals with no free time for home repairs and maintenance.
  • Homeowners challenged to find reliable handyman or other home service contractors.

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