Why start a handyman business?

There are many reasons why starting a handyman business may be right for you. These may include:
  • Low start-up costs.
  • Relatively simple to start.
  • Ability to be your own boss.
  • Doing something you enjoy.
  • High customer demand.
  • Ability to start-up and do part-time.
  • Organizing a handyman business takes a small investment of time and resources.
  • Home repair is a large and growing market.
The demand for handyman, home repair, and home improvement services is rapidly expanding in the United States and Canada. There are many reasons for this fact. These include:
  • In the United States alone, nearly 75% of homes are over 20 years of age. This older housing stock is in need of repairs and renovations.
  • By some estimates the average home buyer invests over $8,000 in improvement to their new home within the first year of ownership.
  • People are busier then ever. Homeowners don’t have the time or the time they do have they would rather be doing something other than home repairs.
  • This is a high growth industry. There is no such thing as a recession proof business. However, everyone has to live somewhere and let’s face it, things around the house (or apartment) sometimes break and need to be maintained.
  • Real estate agents and property managers need reliable professionals to help get homes ready to sell or rent.
There is a great need and a large and growing market for home repair, maintenance, and improvement services. Many homeowners just don’t have the time or skills to tackle even small tasks like repairing a screen, patching a hole, or replacing washer. A handyman business requires very little money invested to start, is in high demand and can be profitable from day one. This is a high growth industry. Invest in yourself and your own business and purchase the guide today.
Invest in yourself and your own business and purchase the guide today.